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Our Charms - Purpose, Self, and Future - help guide our approach to daily life.  Thinking with a purpose, thinking of our selves, and thinking for the future have helped to create a positive mindset and transform our health and well being.


A positive mindset is perhaps the most powerful tool in combating the daily stressors of life.  It is also an often overlooked aspect of health and well being.  No matter how great your nutritional approach is or how much you move with a purpose every day, if you are not able to manage your stress and find joy and fulfillment in your life, you cannot achieve optimal health and well being.  As humans, we have a finite number of hours in the day.  Thinking with a purpose means consciously choosing to spend those hours doing things that add value to your life and bring happiness and satisfaction. This also means avoiding activities that add unnecessary stress or unhappiness to our lives.

Think of Your Self

Thinking of your self involves creating a conscious awareness of your psychological state - understanding common sources of stress, identifying successful stress management strategies, and creating an overall positive mindset.  The first step in thinking of your self is to understand the common stressors in your daily life and how your body reacts to these stresses.  By identifying common sources of stress, you will be able to work to eliminate some sources of stress and better manage others.  Stresses in life, both positive and negative, are inevitable. However, it is not the presence of stress that negatively impacts our health, it is how we manage it.  Finding individualized approaches to stress management - movement and exercise, meditation, recreational activities - is a key focus of the Self Charm. 

Think for the Future

Thinking for the future means that your active management of stress and conscious awareness needs to be an ongoing lifestyle choice. The cumulative effects of negative stress can create significant health problems if left unmanaged, and both positive and negative stressors change throughout our lives.  Your ongoing goal should be to create a positive outlook that will prepare you to handle any of life’s challenges.  This comes from choosing to regularly engage in activities that bring you joy and happiness and taking care of yourself by actively managing your stress.  Life comes with lots of unknown challenges, but by thinking with a purpose and of your self, you are able to create a positive mindset that will prepare you for what lies ahead.  

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