the paleo charmed life


: a life unusually unaffected by dangers and difficulties

What’s the secret to leading a charmed life? 

Some will tell you it is all about the foods you eat; nutrient-dense, whole foods...

Others say it’s all about the exercise - 30 minutes a day, most days . . .

And some will tell you it’s the lifestyle choices - how you manage your stress and the things that make you happy . . .

But optimal health and happiness takes more than a specific diet, fitness program, or meditation.

The secret lies in the combination of all three - nutrition, movement, and mindset.

Going paleo is what helped us to overcome chronic aches and pains, weight gain, and colon cancer.  Creating a lifestyle that includes eating high quality, real foods, moving with purpose on a daily basis, and learning how to manage stress and find happiness in the small things. 

We can help you do the same . . .

Early in our careers, we recognized the value of exercise and movement - we taught it to our patients and we practiced it ourselves.  But, lets face it, we ate like crap.  The standard American diet full of processed foods with little or no nutritional value - Hamburger Helper was a staple in our house and our veggies usually came in the form of pizza toppings.  We thought we were doing great when we bought "low-fat" and limited our calorie intake because that was the “healthy” thing to do.

But we still didn’t always feel well.  Chronic colds, joint pains, regular stomach issues - these are just a few of the problems we had, despite being very active. We were missing a key piece of the puzzle.

Over the last 5 years, we have developed a balance among the key aspects of nutrition, movement, and mindset to create optimal health.  We have learned a lot about what we eat, and how it impacts our mood, energy levels, and digestive health.  We’ve learned the importance of finding ways to decrease stress and to find enjoyment in the small things in life.  And we continue to be active, moving with purpose each day. 

We invite you to join us on our continued journey towards a Paleo Charmed Life . . .

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